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Welcome to Hunt's Harness 

During the last 40 years, we have met the demanding  needs of the driving world. Our harness is an integral part of the finest driving establishments  where quality conscious individuals have chosen our product to complement their turnouts in competition or pleasure. We continue to maintain a low volume shop with select craftspeople striving to create the finest harness. Our quality and service have satisfied customers who in turn are the most honest form of advertising.

" The best impression ...

 is often dominated by  the  first impression."  


Appointments are the finishing touch to any vehicle or presentation. Be it the required articles for a Park Drag or a tool kit for a Meadow Brook, we set the standard for excellence! For the individual that appreciates great leather work and doesn’t “just need another part for the vehicle."


unt's harness

The Finest Custom Harness


  between horse and vehicle  

Carriage Harness, Show Harness, Hackney Pony Show Harness 




Road Coach Harness

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