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Hackney Pony Harness 


Lines 5/8" hand sewn billets with open loops, hand creased and finished hand parts.


Bridle 7/16" cheeks with very deeply cupped blinds, black patent leather covered, hand sewn winker braces (wire enclosed), black patent tear drop face piece, fine  3/8" hand sewn throat, buckling chin strap rounds with French snaps,

very fine cord side checks with French snaps (Bits not included).


Girth Shaped and lined 3/4" roller buckles, 5/8" removable outside girth strap.

Breast Strap Hand sewn and creased open loops, 1/2" open loop neck strap lead up, padded body covered with black patent.

Neck Strap 1/2" lined billet with fine hand sewn round.


Traces 3/4" lined with raised top layer.


Back Strap 5/8" lined throughout, hand sewn and creased open loops (Crupper not included).


French Tugs Brass tugs, leather lined and backed.


Back Pad Black patent leather from top to hand tufted bottom, finest in hardware with spring steel tree.

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